I have been involved in photography since I was a teenager. My very first camera was a small plastic kodak camera which I took everywhere with me.  I would click away at anything that moved.  Later I decided to buy my first SLR camera. I would carry it everywhere. For years I only used a 50mm kit lens and in that time that little lens taught me a lot about photography. I had to be creative in my photography and I had to use my feet to get close to subjects I was photographing. I also used those fantastic little point and shoot throw away cameras. These were great you could carry them any were as they were small and compact, and you could shoot away to your hearts content.  Only now I think back on it and they were not the most environmentally friendly but at the time they seemed great.
I also did some photography workshops as well as learning how to use a dark room and develop my own photo’s.
  My main interest is portrait photography and I have a very small studio close to where I live. I have recently started a portrait project in which the I try to tell a story with the portraits.
Thank you for taking the time for visiting my website and reading this.
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