During the lockdown period of Covid I was not able to photograph much at all, in fact I lost a lot of interest in photography. I think during this time a lot of people had the same problem, we were all I think in a state of shock and it was very difficult to maintain any sort of normality and I think a lot of us found it difficult to be creative in many ways.  At some point I decided enough was enough and that I had to pull myself up by my boot straps and start doing something even if I didn't feel like it. So I decided to do some still life photography. I have always been fascinated with everything vintage from car's to household stuff and of course tools. So when I had the opportunity to get hold of some vintage tools some time ago via a friend of mine who's son collected vintage tools I grabbed the chance immediately. I was given a whole box of amazing tools to photograph, some of which were enormous and some that I had no idea what they where for. Below is a selection of the tools I photographed.
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